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TailGunner is an aviation themed shooter made for the 2014 #7DFPS.


  • Use the mouse to aim.  Left click to shoot, right click to zoom.
  • Use the left/right arrows or a/d keys to tell your pilot which way to break.
  • Press Escape to access the pause menu.
  • Trackpad users: the space bar also shoots.


  • You are shooting at fast moving targets from a moving platform.  You will have to lead your targets.
  • Flying straight and level may make hitting targets easier, but it also makes it easier for them to hit you!
  • Your wingmen are pretty good shots.  Protect them as long as possible.
  • Looking for an extra challenge? Try to get all of the achievements!

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TailGunner for Windows 8 MB
TailGunner for Mac 18 MB
TailGunner for Linux 10 MB